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Taller de Mixología con Mica Rosseau


Mica Rosseau fue el mejor bartender de México en 2016 y este miércoles 18 de abril puede enseñarte a preparar deliciosos tragos. Esto debido al Taller de Mixología que impartirá en el Mercado Roma, en el cual te dará una guía para que profesionalices la forma en que preparas cócteles.

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Noches de Jazz en el Mercado Roma


Todos los jueves de abril te esperan las Noches de Jazz en el Mercado Roma, a partir de las 19 horas. Por la ubicación ni te preocupes que estos eventos serán en ambas sucursales: Roma y Coyoacán. Los días específicos para las noches de jazz son el 5, 12, 19 y 26 de abril.

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23 Best Things To Do In Mexico City


Parks, galleries, historic sites, museums, cantinas—the appeal of Mexico City lies in its inexhaustible offerings. While there's no way you’ll manage to cover all of the must see and dos in one trip, sticking to one neighborhood a day keeps things manageable. No matter how you end up spending your time in Mexico's capital, one thing is for sure: you’ll be scheduling your second trip before your first is even finished.

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Noches de jazz en el Mercado Roma


Además de ofrecer una amplia propuesta gastronómica en la Roma, el Mercado Romacuenta con varias actividades culturales, tal es el caso de sus Noches de jazz, todos los jueves de abril, con talento nacionales e internacionale.

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MERCADOROMA se llena de sabor, música y color en el mes de abril


MERCADOROMA y MERCADOROMA Coyoacán tienen un sinfín de sorpresas para el mes de abril. Si eres de esos que aman la buena comida, el entretenimiento y el jazz, esto está hecho a tu medida. La pasión y el amor por México nos han traído propuestas inigualables para pasar un rato agradable solos o acompañados.

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72 Hours of Culture, Sightseeing and Fine Dining in Mexico City


No trip to a city is complete without visiting the local market. Mercado Roma is Mexico City’s first ever gourmet food market; bringing top-quality spices, seafood, cheeses, hams and baked goods that are hard to find elsewhere. This three-level, orange-tiled, bustling market has over 50 vendor stands.

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When in Roma: A daytime tour of Mexico City’s coolest ’hood


In the year since the Eataly-inspired Mercado Roma opened on a desolate block in Mexico City’s Roma Norte neighborhood, the bustling food hall — with 60-odd vendors serving everything from squid tortas to tangy ceviches to tamarind-flavored truffles — has become the place to sample the city’s diverse culinary scene, and a must on every tourist’s checklist.

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Mercado Roma / Rojkind Arquitectos + Cadena y Asociados


From the architect. Conceived as a space to house expressions of the rich contemporary and Mexican gastronomic culture, Mercado Roma gives special emphasis to the sense of community and collaboration. Designed by Rojkind Arquitectos and conceptualized by Cadena + Asoc. Concept Design, the space is created to gather selected partners and vendors so they can offer their best products.

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A Fashion Girl's Guide to Shopping in Mexico City


Between the vibrant architecture and street art, locally-infused shopping, and an off-the-charts dining scene, Mexico City is having a major moment. And there’s no better time than now to take a memorable trip to the city of palaces. Here’s our fashion-focused guide on where to stay, shop, and eat in the cosmopolitan capital.

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Eater's Guide to Hipster Mexico City


Flip through any new coffee table book about design, and inevitably you'll find that a good portion of the examples of cool will be located in Mexico City. Smart, achingly hip businesses abound in the country’s capital, and every member of the creative class is a designer, an architect, or an artist. The buzziest places of bourgeois hipness are, unsurprisingly, concentrated in the fashionable neighborhoods.

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36 Hours in Mexico City


For a capital with such a long and layered history, there is much that’s new in Mexico City. Skyscrapers grow like bamboo. A trendy restaurant, boutique hotel or high-end food store seems to open every week. Despite the often dark national mood — corruption in Mexico seems ever more brazen, and violence, much of it drug-related, persists in many areas — the city has kept its mojo.

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Inside Mercado Roma, Mexico City’s Newest Foodie Destination


Tomorrow, more than 120 galleries from 22 countries will descend upon Mexico City for the 12th edition of the Zona Maco International Contemporary Art Fair. And this year, the art set has a new culinary destination to hit up between booth visits: Mercado Roma. Situated in the hipster neighborhood of La Roma, the bustling food market, which opened last summer, takes its cues from sleek stateside food halls like Manhattan’s Chelsea Market. There are communal tables set against a vertical garden out back, where guests can enjoy prepared foods and artisanal treats from approximately 60 vendors, most of whom produce local, farm-to-table dishes and desserts.

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Se acabó el segundo día de Millesime 2016 #MillesmeTropical y las sorpresas no pararon de existir. Del lado de Mercadoroma estuvieron los siguientes locales: Spice Market, donde Shoshy, creadora de este concepto explicaba como …

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